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At A Plus Tours, we believe that learning truly comes alive when students are given the opportunity for experiential learning through physical exploration. In addition, consistent evidence links off-campus learning opportunities to significant increases in critical thinking, historical empathy, tolerance, and aiding in the development of values and ideals in young people.

Founded in 2005, A Plus Tours is owned and operated by certified teachers who understand the transcending role that experiences outside of the classroom can have on education, and work to create customized, flexible itineraries that meet the needs of teachers. Over the last ten years, A Plus Tours has grown into an industry leader in experiential learning through physical exploration. Taking care of all logistics – from start to finish – A Plus Tours allows teachers to focus on what they do best. Teach.

Hi, I am Cheri. 

I co-own A Plus Tours with my husband Mark. I love getting to partner with Mark in our business, and even better, I get to partner with him in life! I am thrilled to have Mark step into my student travel business with me. My Mom, who is a retired teacher, had been my partner in A Plus Tours since 2005. After having a blast with A Plus Tours, she once again decided to retire and leave things to Mark and me.

In my eyes, student travel is the # 1 way for children to get a well-rounded education. Just like I want my two daughters, Ashlyn and Alexis, to see the world outside of the classroom - I want every child to be able to have this powerful experience. I have a background in marketing, and that has allowed me to create, and grow, our family-owned business.

Aside from the business I enjoy playing tennis, walking, outside activities and of course being with my family! I know each of our hard-working teachers have his or her favorite hobbies outside of the classroom and don’t have the time to plan an entire student trip after teaching all day. That’s where we step in. Mark and I have a passion for researching, planning and creating trips that meet each curriculum and are FUN for the students!!

Hi friends, 

I am Cheri’s lucky husband Mark, and the proud father to our daughters Ashlyn and Alexis. In addition to being Cheri’s partner, I am a certified teacher who spent several years enviously watching Cheri live out her passion for student travel through A Plus Tours before finally getting the courage to ask her for a job interview. (Really, I am just kidding)

I spent 10 years accompanying field trips for Cheri and every time I returned from a trip I felt a greater passion for teaching. As a certified teacher myself, I have been fortunate to support our students as they gain a better understanding and historical empathy for the world around them while traveling with A Plus Tours. It is our hope that we can help share our passion for teaching and learning with you. Whether it is partnering to take your students on a day or overnight trip, or simply meeting for coffee to discuss best practices and sharing stories of impactful moments in the classroom, we hope you will reach out to us!

Mark and Cheri


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